<i>birthday</i> <i>in a</i> <i>box</i>
<i>birthday</i> <i>in a</i> <i>box</i>

birthday in a box

What is a Birthday-in-a-box??

Quite simply it's an innovative way to celebrate a person's birthday. We are entertainers for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. We also do birthday parties. However, we have found we cannot work ALL the birthday parties around the USA, due to traveling times, we are, after all, not Santa Claus!

Thus the Birthday-in-a-box idea was born, in order to offer a safe, fun way to celebrate a birthday. The box can include many items and extras, and will be delivered safely to your doorstep in time for your special day.

What's included? At it's most basic, every birthday-in-a-box or party-in-a-box includes:

* Each person at the party will receive an incredible balloon sculpture, complete with artistic face (when appropriate for the design), plus a couple of extra balloons, in case one breaks en route. You can give us a party theme (princess, superhero, etc..) and we can customize the balloons that are included to incorporate the theme. The more information you give us, the better it will be.
* 1 Balloon Animal University kit, for the guest of honor. This is a complete kit with everything needed to learn to make balloon animals (e-book, videos, balloons, and air pump).
* A framed birthday diploma customized for the guest of honor.

There are other options are available as well:

* a glitter tattoo kit to use on the children at the event.
* Plates/party favors
* A giant master level balloon creation.
And much more…

We are a team of master level balloon artists led by Ed Kevorkian. Ed has been performing incredible balloons since 1987. He even wrote the book on teaching balloon animals to the world. Why take a chance on hiring someone unknown?

In case you think this is just for kids, we often are hired to create for non-child parties. One example, Crazy hats! These amazing balloon hats are set up at a table or given to to each person as they walk in to the party. Everyone wearing crazy balloon hats, WHAT AN ICEBREAKER!!