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There are few things in this world that can capture a child’s imagination in the way that a balloon animal does. 

There is a magic in the way that a balloon monkey can send your child deep into a to a dense dark jungle exploring ancient caverns, a lion balloon to the sweeping vistas of the dusty Serengeti, an alien transports them to distant galaxies discovering new worlds, and a simple, humble dog balloon gives them a new best friend for a small slice of time.  Your children will hug the balloons, talk to them, perhaps even give them the coveted spot next to where they sleep.

It is because of this that we are here.

When you make a balloon animal for your child, or enable them to learn to make them, you are setting off an adventure of the imagination.

Our company name is Imagination Overdrive, and this is what we are named for.

We can teach you how to make them…
… and be here for you if you have any trouble along the way.

We want to provide you the most brilliant balloon animal creators in the world to bring this magic to your parties and special events.  
We also aim to have the most comprehensive online storefront for balloon animal related products. (if you have a product that you would like us to sell here, please use the contact us link and tell us about it!)
 We have a lot to do in the coming months, we hope you will come along for the ride.

Contact us.

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