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While we at BalloonAnimals.com are practicing social distancing due to Covid-19, our store is OPEN, but the rest of our services are currently suspended (of course, you can still browse around, but this is temporarily our new home page).

We hope you find something for yourself or your loved ones. Take the edge off of being stuck at home for a while longer with one of our Balloon Animal kits! Kids and adults love it even when life is 'normal', but while everyone is staying home, its a godsend! We know, we have two children ourselves! =)
Why buy our kit directly from us?
By selling direct we can control the environment. We keep our balloons air conditioned and we always send out FRESH Qualatex brand balloons. We want you to be happy with your kit. If your balloons become overheated, even a little bit, you will not be happy with them.
Why buy our kit instead of other ones?
Our balloon kit was the FIRST premium kit to market by many years. We made it as a labor of love for the craft. In 30 years of balloon making people often would say 'Oh I bought a kit to learn balloons but all the balloons popped'. I knew it wasn't their fault. The kits out there to buy use TERRIBLE low quality balloons. The good balloons are very pricey, and everyone wants their kits to be affordable. My motivation in embarking on the challenge of designing and marketing a product was simple: What is the point of making a balloon kit, if people get discouraged by difficult instructions and balloons that pop??

When we released it, It soon became very popular, and like any product on amazon that becomes popular, there came a flood of knock offs. Made in china kits with defective DVD's, terrible instructions, balloons that no professional would ever touch. 'Amazon's Choice' is handed out to whichever product buys the most fake reviews, and they don't even try to hide it (like having a dozen reviews on the first day they launched their product. They also hide that their whole kit is made in China, you don’t know it until you buy it, the information is not on the website. What they did was make the old dollar store kit with very nice professional marketing, making it seem as if its a nice product.

Why is made in china bad for balloons? Chinese made balloons are not a professional choice (I guarantee no professional balloon artists in the US uses them), but they SAY that they are. The Qualatex brand balloons we use cost between 9 to 15 cents each (depending on the color). Chinese made balloons cost a fraction of 1 cent. Even though they are dollar store quality kits they charge 25 - 30$ in order to fool people into thinking they are quality, and they buy reviews in en masse to hide their negative reviews

We have decided, even though it means we won't be the most popular balloon animal kit on the planet anymore, we would dial back from playing those games. There seems to be no ethical way to sell there anymore, and they don't seem to care that people are being fooled everyday.
We hope you will give us a try, we promise to be here for you after the sale, with any questions you may have or help you may need! We are asking you to put your faith in us, and give our product a shot, we guarantee you will be happy with it!
—Ed (creator of Balloon Animal University)