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Balloon Animal University Balloon Refill Pack, 100 count

Imagination Overdrive


Imagination Overdrive presents: The Balloon Animal University, 100 Count Balloon Refill Pack Custom Colors Assortment. This is the same ultra-high quality balloons and amazing colors that only comes in our other Custom Colors kits. 

This bag contains QUALATEX balloons, the highest quality balloons on the planet, in a custom mix of the BEST colors: You get 100 balloons of our exclusive mix which contains the following colors: Lime Green, Spring Lilac, Mocha Brown, Yellow, Goldenrod, Orange, Carribean Blue, Onyx Black, White, Red, and Imagination Overdrive's own exclusive colors: Grassy Green, Chill Blue, and Bright Pink. This is all new and is the same mix we use for our team of professional balloon artists! These are the best quality, most vibrant, and strongest balloons ever made, and this awesome mix is not available anywhere else on the planet, even from Qualatex!  

As a special thank you, the purchasing of this product instantly unlocks a special balloon animal instructional video. This is an additional video not included in our Balloon Animal University kit (there is also a link provided on the packaging).   Collect them all!

To view this video (after purchase) just log into your account and click here.

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