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Glitter Tattoo University JUMBO Starter Kit - OVER 30 Stencils, More Glitter, More FUN! Make Awesome Temporary Shimmering Metallic Glitter Tattoos and Body Art!

Imagination Overdrive

GTU 32

Imagination Overdrive, Inc. presents:

The brand new Glitter Tattoo University Kit, Jumbo Edition It comes with every thing you need to make with everything you need to do awesome temporary tattoos.

A beautiful instruction book filled with tips and tricks that will make a great experience for kids and adults alike. It will show you how to create your next masterpiece! Frustration Free Instructions!

Includes over 30 original design stencils! Girls and boys will love this kit! From flowers and princesses to aliens and dragons. kids & teens, as well as adults will be thrilled with this product.

More than twice as much glitter as the other brands! Almost a quarter ounce of each of the 6 colors. A full 1/4 oz (7.5 ml) of the body glue, and almost 3 times as many different stencils.

Three cosmetic brushes are included for 'painting' on the glitter, as well as clean up!

Our kit is the only one that includes over 30 vinyl window decals. These can be used as stickers for glass or notebooks. This is an Imagination Overdrive exclusive! They are the exact same quality as the types purchased for $2 - $5 each for car windows.

We make learning fun and appealing. Made in the USA!

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