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Balloon Animal Kits:

Get balloons.
Learn balloons.
Give balloons.
The circle of life is complete.


Extra Balloons, Air Pumps, Markers, etc...


Birthday-in-a-box, Send-Balloon-Fun

Balloon Animal Kits

Everything you need to be a balloon expert!

Learn balloon twisting with the best kit on the planet!

What makes us unique?

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Our balloons

Everyone throws around the term professional grade but ours actually are Qualatex brand balloons. The difference this makes is staggering! We use a custom set of colors not available elsewhere.

Our Air Pump

We couldn't find a dual-action air pump that meets our high standards, so we have actually had to modify existing designs to make them more reliable and easy to use.

Our training

Our video library is unique, shot from a POV angle so what you see on the video is mirrored in your hand! They are second to none and we add new videos that go beyond the book. Our digital book follows along with what you learn in the videos. Everything is available 24/7 on our training website. No DVDs or APPs to fight with!

Our Kit

Makes a wonderful gift! It takes you from the absolute basics all the way through professional sculptures.


    The creator of this kit has been a balloon artist for more than 30 years! He performs at venues such as Disney and Universal, as well as for many celebrities all over the world!

    Made in the USA

    No other balloon kit anywhere is made in the USA. Most can only claim to be 'Marketed in the USA'. The quality of the balloons (and our hand modified air pump) is completely different.


    Everything in our kit is professional grade, and we guarantee it all. Our contact us button is at the bottom of this page and if you have any issues we will make it right!


    Even though we use actual professional grade balloons (the same ones that we use when entertaining at events), we price our products to be competitive with the other kits (that include dollar store balloons).


    Balloon twisting is unique. Adults have as much fun as kids do learning the balloons, our kit makes a great gift for children, as well as adults!


    We have taught well over 100,000 people to twist balloons (some as young as 5 years old)! Not only do we make it easy, it's also therapeutic in many ways and teaches reasoning, math, and patience. Our course for balloons is used by therapists and colleges!


    Join the community!
    Ask questions. Help others. Show your progress. Chat about the weather
    Join our discord. Coming 11//22

    Balloon Sculpture Accessories

    Balloon refills, slicers, air pumps and more!

    We will be adding all the accessories in to our brand new website this summer!

    Birthday Parties are one of our most popular services!

    and now we can help with yours anywhere in the USA!

    We love performing at birthday parties! However, we have discovered we cannot work ALL the birthday parties around the US, due to traveling times. We are, after all, not Santa Claus!

    So the Birthday-in-a-box idea was born, in order to offer a safe, fun way to celebrate a birthday. The box can include many items and extras, and will be delivered safely to your doorstep in time for your special day.

    What's included? At it's most basic, every birthday-in-a-box or party-in-a-box includes:

    * Each person at the party will receive an incredible balloon sculpture, complete with artistic face (when appropriate for the design). We also add in a couple of extra balloons, in case any there is any breakage en route. You can give us a party theme (princess, superhero, etc..) and we can customize the balloons that are included to incorporate the theme. The more information you give us, the better it will be.
    * 1 Balloon Animal University kit, special for the guest of honor. This is a complete kit with everything needed to learn to make balloon animals (e-book, videos, balloons, and air pump).
    * A frame-able birthday diploma customized for the guest of honor.

    There are optional extras as well such as:
    * a glitter tattoo kit to use at the party.
    * Plates/party favors
    * Balloon kits for each attendee and live video training.
    * A giant master level balloon creation.
    And much more…

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    Please send your party theme and location (to figure shipping) and we will get right back to you with a custom price for your birthday box!

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